Black Americans

Many time black Americans wish to talk to me; and I always hated them, but they sit with me on the ground, and eat with their hands, following the same customs.

They are accepting their mistakes but saying, “Read something about us. Not everything is the way you think it is.” I am researching the history, World Wars 1 & 2, colonialism and the history of Europe. I see that, from slavery to freedom, from poverty to happiness, from racism to equality, for democracy and justice, the Americans have been struggling, and they had faced many problems as human beings.

What Americans have today, they had much of, at a time when other people and nations were fighting and stealing the wealth of others.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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black flag and Alqaeda

When Alqaeda appeared from Khorasan (Afghanistan) under the prophesied black flag and challenged the world especially America and Israel then millions of Muslim believed that the black flag had appeared in Khorasan (Afghanistan), and that the Taliban and Osama bin Laden are both behind this flag. Soon the conflict will involve all Muslims, and everyone would rather go to the Arab lands and gather in Syria waiting for Jesus along with the Mahdi. The appearance of Dajjal will come soon, and the delayed promises from hundreds of years will be kept. Everyone is happy, new songs and anthems are heating the hearts. Before sleeping every one prays, perhaps we can see Caliph Umar at night in our dream. We were not a rich family and has nothing much but my husband was collecting small donations and I was running his madrassa of 300 female students. He wakes us up at midnight and then we all pray with tears. Some of his male students sell newspapers part time and their incomes are donated for this dream. Even though we are needy but we donate the animal skins of the religious sacrifices that are donated for our madrasa. There is news that there have been attacks on US embassies. “This is not good”, says one “they will crush the unique Islamic state.” Another one says, “No, this is part of the long-term strategy; this is the time of persecution; no one really knows; our leaders know better; they want to involve the whole world, then there will be the proper time for the appearance of the Mahdi.” Everyone says, “This is the ending of the world, God help them.” People were expecting more than this, so there was no point of return for the leaders of the black flag after 9/11.

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